Bag Lady

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused.
– Unknown

My name is Danielle and I’m a bag-a-holic. Where there is an opportunity to snag a free, reusable tote I’m all over it. Even if it’s not entirely free, it’s often a surefire way to get me to fork over some cash.

A free workout bag and yoga mat with a shoe purchase? Oh, I’m all over that. And look, I have a store coupon too!

Bags 1

Two decorative sacks and a whale-covered cooler bag? Yes, please! I will happily write you a contribution check. Two checks to two different non-profits in this case. Money well spent, I must to say.

Bags 3

If there is a bag to be had, I’m all over it.

Bags 2

I do put these bags to good use. I have a stash in my car for groceries and stops at Target. I’ve used them for workouts, nights at the Hollywood Bowl, weekend trips away, and to carry supplies.

However, having worked as a professional organizer, I recognize when enough is enough and recently culled back. I still have a nice supply squirreled away in my closet, all neatly arranged. But I’m gonna need to keep my grabby hands to myself and just say no to adding any more to my current collection.

Bags 4

Ok, one more confession: I have a thing for pens and notepads. While others leave hotels with shampoo bottles or towels, if I like the pen on that nightstand it typically disappears along with the notepad into my purse. The pens I go through quickly – I do a lot of crossword puzzles. The notepads….well, it’s time to do some recycling.

How about you? Any collections you care to confess to?

You are love(d).

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